Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"No God" bus advertisements

I feel compelled today, to blog about the "no God" campaign that is in the news right now. It makes me sad that a woman in England felt the need to tell people "There probably is no God, so stop worrying and enjoy your life". I feel so heartbroken for someone who doesn't believe in ANYTHING! What is that to look forward to? live your life, do your best, love your family, have children, make memories, all so you can die and be buried in the end, and then NOTHING? I think that idea would make me worry far more then the idea of a life after death.
There is a reason that every culture, every tribe, nation, and country in the world has a belief and a faith in a greater power. Life would be completely pointless and hopeless if all we had was us, and death.
There IS a God, and he is a wonderful, powerful God who created us to have a hunger for him, even though we try to fill it with anything and everything else. This God also gave us a way of escape from the inevitable death that follows our lives, a gift. The gift of his son, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his own life so we can never die if we accept what he has done already for us. Yes, we will die physically, but our soul is an eternal being, that will live forever. We have a choice, we can live forever in God's heaven, or live in eternal separation from our creator.
So, in conclusion, after this bit of a ramble, I hope that people will be caused to think about God as a result of these ads, and look into it for themselves. God can use anything for good, and even this will be used to bring people to him!
Now we need to find someone who will make an ad that says "There IS a God, and he's waiting for you!"