Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow, snow, and MORE snow

Did I mention SNOW? I haven't gone outside in three days! It's cold, and snowing, and according to environment Canada, it will keep on snowing for the whole next WEEK! (That's as far as their forecast goes) I am so ready for spring, and it is only Jan. 8th. The boys are enjoying it, though. They shoveled off the "lake" left by the big thaw last week, and they are skating on it.I wish there were hills around here where they could go tobogganing. We have to drive them to a hill to do that. Yes, it's as flat as a prairie around here. There isn't a hill anywhere within a 10 min drive.


Celine said...

Oh I'm sure you're so ready for spring Kimmy! :(


Sun sounds good too!