Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I stopped at a yardsale yesterday, and had a complete flood of childhood memories. For sale on a huge table were just about every single Fisher Price Little people set ever made. I wanted to buy them all, but of course space and money prevented me. I did buy a zoo, though. It has all it's pieces and is in very good shape. I remember playing for hours upon hours with my sisters, creating elaborate stories with our men, and being so completely involved in our play that bedtime came right after breakfast, or so it seemed!

this is not my picture, I found this picture on ebay, but this is the set that I bought

I also bought a campervan, which I did not have as a child, but I knew that my nephew Samuel would enjoy playing with it when he comes over to play. My boys are making full use of the zoo, camper, and bucket of men that I bought! The great part is that all the pieces are with the sets!

I am glad that my boys enjoy playing with them as much as I used to :)


Celine said...

Oh my! Look at that!
I feel like a kiddlet again!
I remember having the van! Awww!
That is just awesome that you found it! YAY!

Laura said...

Karina and I had that camper set!! We loved it!!