Sunday, August 10, 2008

In which I eat Haggis

Yes, it is true. I found, bought and consumed the venerable Scottish dish known as Haggis. It tasted like a slightly sheepy meatloaf. It was kind of mealy and sticky in the throat, but I have no idea what the aversion to this dish is~ maybe a case of "if you know what is in it you won't eat it", like hot dogs or sausages. Ok, yes, I know it is made of a sheep's lungs, liver, and heart mixed with oatmeal and spices, but honestly, it isn't that bad!

It was a relatively costly, at $1.50 for half a sausage, but now I can honestly say that I have eaten haggis!

Haggis Recipe: (taken from this page)

Traditional Haggis

1 sheep's pluck (stomach bag)

2 lb.. dry oatmeal

1 lb. suet

1 lb. lamb's liver

2 1/2 cups stock

1 large chopped onion

1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper,

Jamaica pepper and salt
Boil liver and parboil the onion, then mince them together. Lightly brown the oatmeal. Mix all ingredients together. Fill the sheep's pluck with the mixture pressing it down to remove all the air, and sew up securely. Prick the haggis in several places so that it does not burst. Place haggis in boiling water and boil slowly for 4-5 hours. Serves approximately 12.

a rarely seen wild Haggis:


Celine said...

Oh my! I don't think I could have tasted this so kuddos to you for doing it! :)