Monday, June 16, 2008

Liam's wish

Liam's wish is a full scottish kilt outfit. He's been asking for a few years for this now, but kilts are pretty dear, and just not very practical. Soo, about a month ago, G and I were at an auction, when this wool handmade very old kilt came up for auction. G bid on it, and won it for not very much money at all! Liam was thrilled about it. It's miles too big, but it'll fit him someday LOL we improvised for the rest of the outfit, and he was laughing so hard at his "sporran"~ a persian cat webkinz.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Laundry is one ofthose never ending chores. I don't too much mind laundry, and I do like hanging it out on the clothesline. I love the smell of bed sheets in spring, after a long winter of using the dryer. The bed smells so good, and fresh when the sheets come in from the line.

I average about four loads a day, but if I skip a day it gets out of control. Like today :p I was not at my best yesterday, so I only did a couple of loads, and today for some reason I decided that all the bed sheets need washing. Silly me haha. It's a brisk day, with a stiff wind blowing, so they are drying quickly, but it is a chore to get them hung on the line, for sure!

I try to use the line as much as possible. I used it into December last year, and again in March this year. It has been raing so much that I am not getting my full use this year, though!
This is March:
I just don't like putting the laundry away. I fold it and sort it, and put it in piles on the back of the couch, where everyone is *supposed* to put away their own piles, but they usually don't. So about 98 of the time, I have piles of laundry on the back of my couch hahaha

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Children's meetings

This week there are Children's meetings in Clinton. I've been taking the boys every night. It is a long drive for me, since I am not a huge driver. I don't usually have the need or chance to drive anywhere! With just the one vehicle I stay at home alot, and when I do go out, G drives. Anyway, the boys are greatly enjoying the children's meetings. There are prizes to earn, and Ryan and Liam have their hearts set on certain prizes, of which there are only one, so they better bring some friends pretty quickly or the prizes will be gone. Kyle brought a friend last night. The little guy had a great time, and said many times that he wanted to come again, but on the way home he barfed half digested cookies and chocolate milk all over himself and the car. I don't know that his Mom was so impressed that he came home in that state~ especially since the last time that B came over to play he went home with a war wound. (He'd bee running around barefoot and cut his ankle on a stick). I imagine she thinks I am completely lax in my supervision or something. I felt so badly for the poor guy!

The man who is doing the Sunday school is named Tim, and I am afraid I don't know his last name or where he is from. He's speaking about the children of Israel, and Moses, and every night has a different "God is" theme. (God is Holy, Loving etc) They play a game and memorize their verse and have a snack after. It has been a VERY long time since I've been to Children's meetings, and I am quite enjoying these!

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching. I am excited about this, since I am not a cheery morning person. Well, once I get out of bed I am cheery, but the prying my eyes open and dragging my unwilling body out of bed is not my favorite thing to do. I do like to sleep in, and I am looking forward to it. I also am looking forward to the boys being around more, so I can do fun stuff like sitting on them and giving them noogies. Hahaha We have lots of fun. Maybe this year Liam will be big enough that we can go on the road bike riding. It makes me nervous to ride on the road now, which is odd because it never bothered me before I had my children. The shoulders are so narrow and the cars drive so fast! The weather has cooled alot so I am hoping it stays that way and doesn't get muggy again so we can do lots of summer activities without risking heatstroke.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Not by me, thankfully. I would not sleep for the next year, if one came near me! One touched down, about 20 mins away, and we've been under a warning since about 5 pm. Here is what the sky looked like here after the first part of the storm went through:

The boys thought it was just grand, and set out jars to see how much rain there was. I don't know technical inches or anything, but trust me when I say alot of rain came down in a short amount of time. The sky went black, and the rain was going sideways, and the fields were flooded.

I love the after effects of rain, though. Like my flower garden!

If anyone knows what the dark leafy plant is, I'd love to know! It is a low bush like plant, which grows back every year, and each leaf has it's own stem. I am a novice gardener, although I enjoy it, I don't know much about it.

The guys camped out last night. They pitched Liam's tent in the backyard and watched a movie on the portable DVD player and slept outside, even though it rained for awhile. But imagine my embarrassment when I had sleeping children in morning meeting! I suppose it was not the height of wisdom to let them have a camp out the night before church. They woke up in time for sunday school, though, and knew their verses and answered questions and everything.

Ok I am done now!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm hot stuff, baby!

meltingly, boilingly, absolutely 100% scorched, parched, you name it! I looked at the temperature today, and it said 38C! Gak. Looks like we maybe have jumped from cold and rain to hot and muggy overnight.
I went yuardsaleing today. Got up early, and went to so many yardsales that I lost count! I found a few things, nothing very exciting, though. A few things to sell on e-bay, some duckweed for my fish pond, and some hockey stuff for the kiddos.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Icky Weather

I am not so sure I like the weather in this neck of the woods! Where I lived before, on the Niagara Peninsula, the climate was much more temperate. We didn't get much snow in the winter, and the summer, well, there was about a week of unbearable mugginess, but mostly pretty nice. Here, well, we had four feet of snow, all winter long, with howling winds, and no spring to speak of! We jumped from snow to rain and now muggy, muggy, gross heat that makes you feel like you have a layer of glue on your skin and your clothes feel damp all the time. Guess I am just a spoiled easterner who likes her cool, salty- breezed summers. I miss it terribly! I know it is silly, but I feel guilty that my children are the first in my family to be raised outside of NS on one side of my family since 1789. I wish there was good work there and reasonable prices~ so many of us easterners would still BE easterners, if there was a good place to earn a living there. I did the Alberta thing, before Alberta was so popular, and I HATED Alberta. It was big, empty, new, and the city was horribly big and foreign to me. I didn't like the rude people in the shopping malls, or the smell of the pollution, or how busy and expensive everything was. I prefer my country living near a small, slow paced town, thank you! I am REALLY homesick right now, and would pack everything up and sell it all and go home, if common sense didn't tell me that is really a ridiculous idea LOL People ask me why I want to go back, and I can't explain it. It's just home for me. I figure, most everyone, all over Canada is struggling to get by, I might as well struggle to get by in a place I love and is dear to me.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tough time writing

I am having a tough time writing blogs. I have soooo much that I want to spew forth, but I write long long blogs, passionate and heartfelt, and delete them!

I guess that I feel like everything should be light and fluffy and non- offensive, but my faith and beliefs are none of those things.

so, I'll keep on trying to make posts, but bear with me, please :)
The boys rock- climbing a few years ago