Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Chicken Project

I grew up with parents who raised their own food. We raised various animals over the years, from chickens and turkeys to pigs and goats.  One of the things that chafes me about renting is the "no livestock" clause.  why live on a large property with a small barn, if you can't keep a few chickens?
 Anyway, I have been mulling for a few years now about the fact that my children are growing up not knowing where their food comes from. Last year, we had a garden, and they saw how to grow veggies. This year, it's project chicken! I've purchased 15 day old meat chicks, and we'll see how it goes! My neighbour, who has her own flock of chickens and ducks said we are welcome to raise our birds there, so we are doing it! for now, though, we have the fuzzy yellow bundles of fluff in our laundry room, heater on, ensconsed in a small chicken cage. We lost a peeper last night, but the others are doing fabulously!
 Pictures to follow :)