Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sometimes, I love auction sales.

 yesterday, G was home sick from work, so I had the van. I know I maybe should have stayed home like a good wife and made him some chicken soup and tucked him in and taken care of him, but he is pretty self sufficient when he's sick. I went to the auction instead.
  We do alot of camping, since hotels are way too pricey for our *titewad* mentalities, we camp. it's about  $150 a night at a hotel vs 20-30 a night to camp. We don't rough it much, no rubbing sticks together and rolling in a blanket on the ground. We keep our eyes open, check at yard sales and thrift stores for the things we need to make camping as much fun and as comfortable as possible! A few years ago, we bought a queen sized blow up bed at an auction sale for $20. It lasted 5 years, with much use, until last summer one of the screws holding the legs gave way which tore an enormous gash in the mattress. we woke up resting on the straps that held the mattress.
 At the auction yesterday, I snagged an even posher bed. $45! (is posher a word? can I use it to describe a camp bed? LOL) It's a Woods brand B.Y.O queen sized with memory foam, has an electric pump which blows it up AND sucks all the air out when you are done!best part? it's regular 269.99~ 349.99 at canadian Tire!
 I do love me a bargain!
 It sort of looks like this (it looks a bit different as the one in the photo is smaller)