Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Itching.

It's getting so itchy I feel like I may just explode if I can't soon scratch! I'm talking about my garden. I'm not sure if it's the actual working the soil, gently placing the seeds in the perfect spot, patting the warm rich earth over and praying for blessing, or just the promise of warmth and sunshine that goes with the planting in my mind. It sure has been gloomy and cold around here, everything frozen and covered in piles of snow. hard to believe that there's potential for life under there.
 In my mind, I am planting the foxglove, the lavender, the oregano and chives along the east side, by the verandah. The lily bulbs, pansys, and assorted perennials in the north flower bed. Glads, dahlias and lupines in the front beds. The sun is warm, the ground is a bit cool and moist, and my lil' four legged critters are frollicking around, checking out what I am doing.
 I'll end my daydreaming there, since I have to go deal with the mountain of snow on my verandah!