Friday, December 11, 2009

And I think winter has officially arrived

It came with a blast... literally!  It's been howling for two days now, with a tremendous dump of snow. If this is what a good old fashioned blizzard is like, I kinda like it. I don't like the fact that G has to drive 45 mins to work in it, but I love the wild weather! I love the fact that my children are growing up in an area where it actually SNOWS, not like where we used to live and got a small skiff that promptly melted. I would bundle up the boys, take them outside and find the biggest drift I could so I could get some winter pictures. I sure don't have to do that here! The lake effect snowstorms from lake Huron give us plenty plenty.

Ryan was out shovelling yesterday morning

and this is what came down overnight. The porch was cleared off last night. You can see the swing is barely above the snowline :)