Thursday, October 8, 2009

My son is turning into a young man

When did it happen? That chubby, short, giggling fellow has stretched into a tall, solid, smart 12 1/2 year old somewhere along the line! I have noticed such a difference in him the past few months, as if he is starting to shed his "little boy" skin and step into his "manly" skin. He has built a go-kart. It runs. fast. He has repaired a run down chicken coop, so nary a breeze will reach those lucky chickens. Did I mention that he plans to buy chickens? I can say Yes, and feel confident that HE will care for them after the three week glow has worn off.
Yep, I must be gettin old, starting to sigh about the "remember whens" LOL
He's making supper right now. Battered chicken, from scratch,(heehee) rice and corn!