Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missing: one warm, sunny season

Has someone stolen summer? It's July 28th, and only 22C. This summer has been about 10 degrees cooler than usual and very rainy. After a summer of record rain last year, a long cold snowy winter, and a virtually non-existant spring, I was so looking forward to a beautiful summer! I actually LOVE the temperatures this summer to be honest, but this grey, dull sky and rain every day is REALLY getting to me. I'd like some sunshine!
beyond my own want of some sun, the crops are doing rather poorly. They were late getting in, because of the rainy cold spring, and then there have been no really warm days to encourage them along. Sweet corn barely knee high in some places, cattle corn only shoulder height when it should be tall and have cobs already. winter wheat still only just turning brown, instead of already dried and harvested. Hay sitting in fields, too wet to bale.