Friday, February 13, 2009

Teddy Bear Swap

I recently participated in a teddy bear swap with a group of good friends. It was all "secret santa", so we didn't know who our bear would come from! My partner was a great gal from England, and this is the bear I made for her: I recieved a GREAT bear in the mail, who also came from England, but from a different friend. This is "Mystic", handmade by Karen! Mystic now holds a place of honour on the top of my TV in the living room! He also brought his own bear food~ a lovely pepperminty cookie made of wax :)

I am doing two more bear swaps, so look for future bear posts!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Kimmy, I love my bear xxxxxxxxx

Celine said...

Kab, you and Kez should start a business!