Thursday, December 4, 2008

Economics, Canada, and the Coalition takeover bid.

Ok I guess today's post is a political opinion post. I know that there are many, many political opinions out there, and each one is probably right. I don't claim to follow politics all that closely, and didn't even vote *gasp* until the last two elections. I was raised in the belief that God chooses the powers that be, and we have no business trying to out- vote God. Which is true, God WILL choose our prime Minister, and he still leads each country, even if that country does many, many wicked things and rejects him. But I get side tracked here. I started voting when someone said to me "it is true that God will choose our Leader. But he doesn't expect us to let our voices be silent and allow sin to rule. He put us in a free country with the right to vote for a REASON"
All of this does have a point, I promise LOL.
As I am sure you know, the world is in a time of economic turmoil. People are losing their jobs, homes, vehicles, and struggling to feed their families. It is NOT a time we want to see our leaders bickering, being power hungry, or unstable. We NEED our parliament to be STRONG, and UNITED, and pulling for the Canadian people. Instead, they seem to be disagreeing about how best to throw or not throw money at a problem in the hopes it will solve the issues that are plagueing the whole WORLD.
I have an idea... what if, instead of throwing 30 billion dollars at the auto industry, the Government starts a subsidy program. Get people BUYING cars. If I go buy a brand new vehicle, I will have a payment of what, 350- 500$ a month? I can't do that. I don't have a spare 350$ a month to put into paying for an overpriced piece of metal that will have no value at the end of paying for it. So, help me buy a new car. (Not "me" specific, "me" the average Canadian) If the car is subsidized (say, half), I'll be more likely to buy new, buy more often, and therefore, the auto industry is helped out without giving a direct handout. It would stimulate the economy as well. I know that this solution would not completely work, b/c Canada is a smaller part of the NA market, and it still might not make people buy new vehicles., but it just seems smarter than throwing our money at a huge corporation. Just my 2 cents LOL
Ok, on to the Coalition people. I know it's legal, I know that other countries have done and are doing it. I do not want it here in our Democratic country where only 6?,7? weeks ago, people said we want the Conservatives! they said very loudy that they did not want Stephane Dion. There's a REASON the liberals lost almost a MILLION votes since the last election.
This is starting to sound a bit Ranty, sorry! Just for the record, I didn't vote Conservative in the last election~ but that is who won, fair and square. It isn't Right to take advantage of an economic crisis to try and push you power agenda and topple a government, and I hope the Canadian people tell the coalition leaders loud and clear that we have voted, and leave thing be!!