Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter fun

Kyle and Liam tried out their new skis today, courtesy of the wonderful (can you hear my sarcasm?) snowfall we are STILL enjoying. Liam took to it like a duck to water, but Kyle had a bit more trouble

They skied for about a half hour before they got too cold (and tired of falling ha ha) and came in for some pizza and hot chocolate. Wally the wonderdog had a grand time, racing through the snow, tongue out, with a huge smile on his doggy face, if that is possible. It seems he likes the snow!

Ryan took out the GT racer and tried to sled a bit, but the land around our home is really quite flat, so he wasn't very successful. He got cold much faster than his brothers due to the fact that he is a tough teenager wanna be and didn't wear his snow pants, mitts, hat, or coat out and missed out on lots of fun as a result. I think maybe next time he'll wear his cold weather gear.

I do hope that this snow isn't here to stay, although since it is the middle of November possibilities are it's here to stay.


Celine said...

Great pics!
I love that last one with Wally jumping high! Too adorable!