Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weight Watchers and Days out

I am trying to lose weight. Yup, me, the anti- diet, be who you are person has given in to the pressure of the clothes rack and have decided to lose some pounds. I am following the weight watchers plan, although I didn't actually JOIN weight watchers. I have a handy dandy scale upstairs that keeps me in line. so far, though, I still haven't really gotten off my lazy behind and worked out, although as the weight is coming off I do feel far more energetic for things like running through the woods with the boys or walking far distances.

I was doing well until BAM I hit a day out. and well, it's harder to count points when you don't have your slidey point counter thing, or your book to tell you how many points a taco is worth! (It's three, in case you were wondering) and it's hard to eat your garden salad and drink your Dasani (bleeeech) when the kids are eating southwest chicken burgers and fries and sprite! so I took nibbles and then ate my salad (dressing on the side, of course).

So I am proud of myself that I pretty much stuck to the weight loss thing when I was out.

We didn't really do much, just went to a few antique stores and lunch. Kyle spent his birthday money on a trumpet. (yes, a trumpet, brass musical instrument that people play in a band) It was pretty cute to watch him barter with the woman selling it. She was asking for *** amount, and he had **, so he just marched right up to her and said Excuse me, Miss, could I buy that trumpet for ** dollars? it was my birthday, and that is all the birthday money I have." she looked rather like she didn't really want to sell it for that amount, but she said "oh, well, only because it was your birthday" and now he has a noisy trumpet and is happy as a clam. He and his brothers are outside playing their "band" as we speak. (Ryan has a bugle, and Liam has a tin whistle, recorder, flute,clarinet, harmonica, whatever)


Kyle at his favorite passtime, taken by my sister:


Celine said...

You can do it Kimmy!!
Keep up the good work, it's all worth it! ;)