Monday, February 4, 2008

wow, Monday :D

Ryan, in the intensive care unit, just a few days old:

Ryan, loving life!

The time sure has flown by!Seems like last week that he was gooing and eating gerber carrots. Now he's 11. It's true what people say when they tell you teh years go by so fast.
The boys had no school on Friday, due to a "snowstorm" that didn't occur here hahaha. They had some fun. They played with k'nex most of the day, although Liam watched alot of cartoons. We were invited out to supper, where we had an absolutely fabulous time! Grown up company, someone else cooked the meal, and a baby. What more could I ask for? My boys played really well with their little girl and boy for hours while us grown ups chatted. (Ok, so I chattered~ I don't get much grown up conversation!)
Saturday, Arlene and I went to the bridal show. Lots of super ideas for the wedding~ and we found her dress! It is so nice. It's simple, but elegant and suits her very well. Also found the bridesmaid's dress, which is a lovely bluey lilacy colour, with layers from the empire waist down, sort of form fitting, but also bulge hiding.
Sooo, after that, I was all determined to get fit, lose weight, and today, I have the munchies like a starving wolf. Uggh. BUT, I am being more active than usual, so maybe (snort) it'll balance out.
We went out for lunch, Arlene and I. I had a rockstar burner to drink, and take it from me, don't try one LOL. They are quite chemically and don't sit well. It's hard to know what to drink since I quit Pepsi! I don't care for juice, in general, don't like hot drinks, so it pretty much leaves pop and water. Guess Water is my new best friend!
Ryan is home from school today, since it's his 11th birthday. My baby is 11 :|